Everything you want to know about maintaining your synthetic dreadlocks!

Care SprayIn our texts the terms dreads and dreadlocks are used as synonym. How do you know which type of dread fits you the best? Take a look at ‘Which Dread suits me

Maintenance while wearing your synthetic dreadlocks

To nurture your skin and hair while wearing your dreadlocks you can use a caring spray. This spray leaves a protective sheen on your dreads and skin. We have different caring sprays for your dreadlocks in our webshop. Take a look at these products here.

We recommend to sleep with a satin hairnet to prevent your hair and dreadlocks from frizzing. The perfect product to prevent this is our satin night cap.

Synthetic dreads won’t damage your own hair!

There are several ways to attach synthetic dreadlocks to your hair. The techniques we use do not damage your hair. Take a look at video 'Basic Technic' and the video 'French Technic'. If your hair is healthy and you take good care of it while wearing the dreadlocks, there will be no damage.

Important is that you take off the dreads after wearing them for a maximum of 3 months. If you wear the dreadlocks much longer, your own hair will start knotting and combing out your own hair will get harder and harder. When you still want to wear the dreads after 3 months you have to take them out, comb out and wash your hair and then you can immediately put the dreads in again. Even this will do no harm to your hair. The big advantage is that you can use synthetic dreads more than once. That’s just perfect!

Also important is to take the dreads out in the right way, read what’s the best way to take them out right here.


Washing DreadsWashing your synthetic dreadlocks

You don’t have to wash your dreads often. Wash them no more often than once a week. Make sure you mix your shampoo with water, for instance using a spray bottle.

With a spray bottle it’s also easier to divide the shampoo over your hair and dreadlocks without using your hands to rub it in. The rubbing will make your hair frizzier. Do you prefer a ready-made shampoo? Maybe our spray shampoo is the product you want.

You mix shampoo and water or use the spray shampoo and spray the mixture on your head and the dreads. Rinse with water. If you only apply shampoo, some of it may be left, causing your skin to itch and become irritated. After washing, wrap the dreads in a towel around your head. When they are wet, they become heavy and may slide out. Make sure you do not let them hang loose to dry.

For washing your dreadlocks you don’t need a special shampoo, most shampoos in our assortment are for real dreadlocks. The only shampoo that is perfect for synthetical dreads is our spray shampoo.

You can wash your synthetic dreadlocks in your washing machine, but do not tumble dry them!

Wool dreads can shrink in the washing machine, this is why we recommend to wash them by hand. Wool dreads are also not suitable for tumble drying!